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Quality in Refractories

PD REFRACTORIES is your powerful and competent partner for refractory products. Our product range comprises standard firebricks, high-alumina products such as sillimanite bricks, mullite bricks, bauxite bricks and corundum bricks to isostatically pressed zirconium and chromium material and silicon carbide products.

Today the worldwide customer base of P-D REFRACTORIES  comprises nearly all the industrial production and service ranges involving high temperature processes, and those where high wear resistance is demanded. We offer tailor made solutions for all industries – especially for the glass industry, the steel industry, the aluminium industry, the coke industry, the cement industry and for the industrial furnace construction.

We are now one of the leading refractory manufacturers in Europe based on decades of experience, know-how and competitiveness. Working in partnership with our customers, targeted research and flexibility are equally important pillars of our work. The product range is constantly adapted to the market conditions and currently covers more than 15,000 different products.
Corporate Brochure
Corporate Brochure

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