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Dr. C. Otto has manufactured refractory products since 1872 at its site in Bochum, with a current annual capacity of 45,000 t. The location in Bochum-Dahlhausen was originally established for the manufacture of fireclay bricks for coke oven plants. Domestic fireclay from the Breitscheid location served as raw material. Dr. Carlos Otto, nowadays famous for the installation and development of coke oven plants and who already at that time knew how to make use of the gas by-product of the coking process to produce among other materials gasoline, also further expanded use of coke plants in the field of fireproof materials.  Thus silica, a new refractory product for the lining of coke plants, was developed and introduced at the Bochum-Dahlhausen location under use of domestic natural resources "Ruhr quartzite" to make better use of the energy needed for the conversion of coal into coke.  The extremely good heat conductivity of the then new product allowed an optimal use of the energy during the carbonisation of coal. Thus Otto’s colleagues, Alfred Krupp and August Thyssen were already then able to make best use of the domestic Ruhr coal, using coke more efficiently for steel production.

Today a major share of our natural raw materials used for our refractory products is sourced from our own raw material sources within the P-D Group in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The different raw materials are broken down to the desired grade, then sieved and bunkered at the Dahlhausen plant, later dosed and mixed by automatic weighing devices and transported to the pressing section.

Currently, P-D Dr. C. Otto is a broadly diversified production site with 218 employees. Our own steel/ wood mould making and construction section provides us with design flexibility for any shape of product whether shaped by modern hydraulic state-of- the art presses, vibration, extruders or manufactured at our hand moulding section with its world-wide reputation for extremely complicated and demanding moulds and products. Fast and timed handling of products with different measurements and weights, such as gathering from presses, positioning on the kiln car, setting off after firing and palletising is achieved by a number of robots and manipulators. Several driers, tunnel kilns, two thrusting kilns, one shaft kiln and six bell furnaces facilitate the manufacture of various types of refractory products in the firing temperature range up to 1800 °C based on such as fireclay, silica, corundum, zirconium and magnesite for different applications and demands.

The Dr. C. Otto production location delivers various refractory products as system solution to the P-D Refractories Group for complete linings in the glass, aluminium, petrochemistry, reactor, filter and non-ferrous metals industries.  Dr. C. Otto delivers premium quality products "Made in Germany" all over the world, whether shaped as refractory brick or unshaped as refractory mortar.

The Research and Development division of the P-D Refractories Group is centralized at Dr. C. Otto in Bochum and is equipped with most modern devices to guarantee the continuous improvement of our refractory products, concepts and systems for our various customers. Continuous innovation and development at highest quality standards create improved added value for aggregates and processes for our customers with market and customer knowledge and knowledge about refractory problems as essential prerequisites. This is effectively guaranteed via the tight and fast channels "customer – sales – research and development". We always knew how to master the biggest refractory challenges and to bring out new features. We are as much your partner today as 140 years earlier, we are the experts in Refractories!  Refractories are our long lasting tradition, and which we commit to continue, to work at and keep up to shape our joint future!
P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto
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