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Specially trained employees on each product movement handle the product at each production step with optimum care and by making the right decisions. The form of the brick takes shape in the moulding shop, verified by sketches, drawings and measuring data. This takes place in house by specialized toolmakers and mould makers that know their trade and make sure that any shrinkage and swelling of the material during manufacture is corrected.

Complicated special formats with extremely large dimensions and complex shaping geometries are manufactured by hand moulding. Traditional wooden moulds are prepared in our carpentry shop for the purpose moulding of these bricks.  The hand moulding procedure is so demanding that it cannot be replaced by automation. This process requires the entire attention of one man who secures the homogenous compression of the material by intelligent and using different types of specialised manual work. Experience and empathy in combination with the above skills are the only way to deliver the predefined properties. From our perspective, experience and intelligence simply cannot be replaced.

Our modern machinery provides for serial production of all product formats in high numbers. The tools for this area at this time are delivered from our own steel moulding section.  We support our own complete moulding shop and thus keep full control in our hands. This has advantages for our customers even on a daily basis which cannot be overlooked. We act quickly and independently from sub suppliers and thus can guarantee our high production standard also in this area.