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P-D Refractories | Qualitätskontrolle der Produkte

Quality Control

The ready pressed blocks seem massive, however, they are fragile like raw eggs. Therefore our employees call on all their skills when they load the kiln cars.  Firing alleys are required to ensure the even firing of the bricks. This procedure requires detailed knowledge of the firing processes by our employees. A suitable furnace is available and is used for each brick type and each brick format.

Quality control is effected by taking each brick from the kiln car after the burning process, visually inspecting it, and then having it undergo a  thorough check.

Products with faults are sorted out from flawless ones by this procedure. Quality is always in its prime and proper place. Quality control without our capable specialists themselves being involved  is not possible in our philosophy. A role however that our specialists are readily able to handle .

Our specialists are able to recognise the differant formats immediately and to handle them with expertise. This close association with the product is a guarantee shown in the known quality of our products leaving our plant. This quality is certified since we work strictly by ISO 9001 standards.

Thus, P-D Refractories‘ products have become irreplaceable for use in the manufacture of almost all of the industrial products that form part of our daily life.