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Research & Development

The research and development division of the P-D Refractory Group with state-of-the-art technical equipment enables a continuous refractory product development. These include products firmly established in the glass industry, as well as the development of new application-orientated materials and technologies of the highest quality, allowing improved added value of customer aggregates and processes.
The prerequisite for this is knowing our market and the refractory problems of our customers in the glass industry. This is effectively guaranteed by combining a tight and fast „Customer-Sales-Research & Development“ infrastructure.
Products with improved radiation heat-transfer due to higher emissivity Silica ultra lightweight refractory brick with high thermal insulation
Products with high-grade fused raw materials and special binder phase Hybrid product made from dense and light insulating materials
Special zirconium oxide grade for various high demanding usages Proven Tin-bath bottom products with perfect surface characteristics
High purity 100% corundum brick with 100MPa cold crushing strength Nepheline resistant products
Products are also available hand-rammed