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Preserving Tradition - Shaping the future

Since 1872 more than 185,000 tons of refractory products are produced yearly at our Preiss-Daimler Refractory locations in Germany and the Czech Republic! Most of the natural raw materials for our products come from our own natural resources in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. After extraction and cleaning, these are then crushed to the desired grain size, possibly also briquetted and fired; separated, sieved and then stored dry in bunkers according to quality and grain size.

Using automated weighing systems, the different raw materials are taken precisely dosed into high-performance mixers where they are homogeneously mixed using either rotary or muller mixers. Moisture and binders are precisely adjusted according to secret formulas and automatically transported to the presses.

Our mould making facilities using steel, plastic or wood, as well as our own construction department gives us the capability to produce extremely complex shapes. We manufacture products from only 90g and up to 660kg individual weight. Whether moulded with modern hydraulic high-performance presses; vibratory- or slip-cast; extruded; or manually produced in our world-wide renowned mould facility - quality and individual solutions ascertain our abilities.

Using state-of-the art manipulators and robotics, a fast and accurate handling of products is achievable, encompassing all dimensions and weights. From unloading off the presses, placing on the kiln wagons, settling off after firing and of course palletising, an automatic procedure is possible.

Microwaves and climatic driers, as well as tunnel and pusher kilns, shaft and bell type furnaces enable us to produce versatile refractory products, dense or ultralight and based on fireclay, cordierite, andalusite, mullite, bauxite, silica, corundum, silicon carbide and zircon and zirconia.
We implement firing temperatures of over 1,800 °C to produce the widest range of materials for the most demanding applications and challenges in the highest quality. Tight tolerances are ensured in post-processing with modern CNC-Machines and other surface-treatment techniques (milling, grinding, and polishing).

Today the P-D Refractories Group delivers its diverse refractory product range worldwide. In a close and long-term co-operation with our partner Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractories Co. Ltd., for fused-cast AZS and isostatically pressed zircon and chrome products, we combine system solutions for entire linings to the glass, aluminum, petrochemical as well as reactor, filter and iron industries.

Either shaped - as in refractory bricks or precast material, or unshaped - as in refractory mortars and masses; P-D Refractories delivers quality products worldwide - Made in Europe.

Our Research & Development department, with its state-of-the-art equipment, ensures a continuous development of refractory technologies and concepts to achieve the best possible solutions for our customers, improved added value of their aggregates and processes, while at the same time reducing emissions.

Our passion for refractories; an enthusiasm for dynamic innovation, combined with a tight and fast infrastructure:  „Customer - Sales - Research & Development“, prove us to be a valuable and successful partner.

Our expertise, the ability to master the biggest refractory challenges and to set new leads have always been part of our tradition. As was the case 145 years ago, today more than 1,100 P-D Refractory specialists are at your disposal. From the extraction of raw materials to the final shipped product; from sales to research and development; we are the refractories professionals and your best refractory partner!

This is our long tradition which we wish to maintain and build on in order to ensure a joint and successful future together!
Experience creates knowledge

Refractory products are needed for each production area that operates high temperatures. The development of research-intensive specialty products for each customer and each application besides standard products, calls for tailor made solutions that enable optimal plant life even under severest circumstances and in most different areas. We always deliver these solutions at the right time and world-wide.

This performance is not an idle claim. Our customers purchase more than 140 years of experience in the production of refractory materials with every brick bought. The pursuit of innovation and an eye for new markets were given to us from the outset by our traditional business units. Inventions of refractory pioneers like Dr. Carlos Otto (Dr. C. Otto) and Heinrich Koppers (DYKO-GLASS) revolutionized the coke smelting process and strongly influenced the rise of the steel industry and tycoons like Krupp and Thyssen.

The know-how acquired over decades, and advanced manufacturing technologies are the basis for our continuous success. However, our innovative strength lies in our 1,300 employees. They handle this technology and know their business.