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Aluminium is an important material for innovative applications whether in the domain of vehicle construction, the building industry, the packaging industry or high-tech sectors. Sensitive and sophisticated in production and processing, it needs a solid manufacturing foundation. We are fully conversant with the demanding requirements of the aluminium industry and supply a broad range of customer oriented and applied solutions.
You can rely on us: every single one of our refractory bricks has been hand-selected and approved using our well-known quality standards. Our quality is certified - working strictly to ISO 9001 requirements. Beyond our standard program we offer special solutions to meet your individual specifications and expectations. Whether for open or closed baking furnaces, reduction cells or holding / melting furnaces – our refractory linings will be tailored to suit your product needs.
We know the aluminium industry from top to bottom and understand how important it is to ensure the highest quality for a continuous and successful aluminium production.
P-D Refractories have been supplying the aluminium industry since 1970. With the extensive work of our Research and Development department and strict quality control, we have developed high quality refractory products for almost any application in the field of aluminium production.
The product range shown in this catalog is handpicked for the demanding requirements of the aluminium industry where the most extreme demands on materials are to be encountered.