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Reduction cell

P-D Refractories belongs to the most competitive suppliers of high-quality refractories for the primary aluminium industry. One of our specialties for this segment is the barrier-brick lining of the reduction cell. The reduction cells or pots are the centre of the aluminium smelting process. Customers from all over the world rely on our well-known brands.
Product Highlight
Practical long-term applications confirm that our PD-B80+ / PD-F22-Otto-barrier system represents
a reliable protection for the cell bottom insulation. This barrier is an effective combination of two
very different aluminosilicate refractory brick types with a corrosion behaviour which is especially
harmonized to each other.

P-D and BRCC with long-term exclusively distribution alliance


JIAOZUO BEIXING REFRACTORIES CO., LTD (BRCC) and P-D Refractories Group (PDR) have entered into a long-term exclusively distribution alliance, cooperating in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and further development of special refractory materials, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC), light weight insulation firebricks, carborundum ramming, high alumina castables and Graphite Products, for the global Aluminum industry.
After a long preparation of this cooperation, we have reached synergy between the 2 companies, by synchronizing our Quality control department and R&D. By sharing our Know-how, we can now say, that products from our Chinese partner are in high quality as our customers expect from P-D Refractories Group.
Since November 20th 2018, promotions, and responsibilities for technical support and sales, have been divided by regions, with BRCC focusing marketing activities mainly on China and few outside of China regions, where PDR focusing worldwide excluding BRCC above mentioned marketing activities.
This alliance allows us to provide our customers full package of refractory products for Aluminium reduction cells, which will simplify the tendering and ordering process for our customers and that shell translate into savings.
We are very excited about this new announcement and looking forward to our new joint approach.

E-Mail: aluminium@pd-group.com