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Cement is a basic material for today’s modern building industry world-wide whether used in structural or civil engineering. The technical progress in the lime and cement industry as well as the increasing use of alternative fuels puts suitably tailored refractory products more and more in demand.  We continuously introduce successful refractory solutions with the competence of our customers and provide service in more than forty countries with long-term experience in the development and manufacturing of refractory materials.

We provide aluminum silicate refractory materials for preheaters (cyclone, calciner), for kiln hoods, cooler, tertiary air ducts as well as selective zones in lime burning kilns and cement rotary kilns.  First class quality, perfect fit with the applications and individual consultation is just part of our standard procedure.
Cement Brochure
Cement Brochure

For further information please contact us via info@pd-refractories.com.