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As a global refractory company, P-D Refractories offers you a broad, high-quality and innovative product portfolio for the lining of your glass furnace. We see ourselves as your individual partner and full-service provider, regardless of whether you are in the container glass, the flat glass or a special glass industry. Our product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of hydraulic and isostatically pressed, hand-shaped, vibrated, slip- or fused cast refractory materials as well as unshaped refractory products.
Highest quality in all processes is our essential characteristic.
A comprehensive range of all common refractory glass wear products rounds off our range of services. In addition to the lining of glass melting systems with all required refractory materials, we offer innovative solutions for the lining of ancillary equipment such as waste duct systems, drawing chambers, regenerators, ceramic recuperators, feeder forehearths and feeder inclusive of all feeder expendables.
Due to the consistent development of existing products and a permanent new redevelopment of innovative special products, we are at your side as an innovative refractory partner to tackle all of your demanding challenges.
A selection of our top developments:
• Fused mullite bricks with Fused∞Persistence and Silica bricks as Ɛpsilon Solution for glass furnace crowns
WerralTM Tin-bath blocks for float glass installations
• Special products made from zirconium oxide (Zro2ck Endurance) e.g. highly durable burner blocks
• Corundum speciality products (100Corundum Performance) for particularly sensitive applications

With our products, we offer solutions to problems of our times: increasing energy efficiency, reduction of emissions and a long-term utilization of your refractory materials.