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Refiner and Feeder

P-D Refractories is a leading supplier of forehearth components, including feeder channels, substructures, superstructures and a full line of feeder consumables such as stirrer, tubes, plungers and orifice rings.
P-D Refractories offers a wide variety of high grade refractory quality materials and end products. Our materials are characterized by excellent properties such as high resistance to corrosion and thermal shock as well as a low glass defect potential.
For longer service life, difficult operating conditions, or in the case of corrosive glass compositions P-D Refractories offers feeder spouts and orifice rings with isostatically pressed inserts based on chromium, zircon-mullite or high-alumina all pre-assembled and ready to use. The use of our high-alumina materials in the forehearth reduces the occurrence of „cat scratches“ in connection with zirconiumcontaining refractory materials.