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Mineral and glass wool

For mineral and insulating wool, short fibreglass is made from different raw materials in fully-electric, recuperative or oxy-fuel fired furnaces.
Isostatically pressed, dense or thermal shock resistant chrome corundum bricks with a chromium oxide content of 10-95% have proven to be very effective in glass contact areas. Special high fired- and corrosionresistant brands are used in the superstructure, the crowns and the waste gas channels. Our silicate products can also be found in special furnace crowns.
For increased efficiency we recommend our Ɛpsilon Solution.
With our extensive range of high-quality isostatically pressed products, in co-operation with our partner Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory Co. Ltd., we are able to line complete installations for the manufacture of glass wool. Many positive references of our long lasting and high-grade products are readily available.