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Technical glasses

Refractory technology for the technical glass sector offers numerous specialties and innovations. P-D Refractories produces a wide range of refractory materials and technologies, for innovative applications in the glass sector enabling the construction of high-performance glass furnaces. Special shaping processes are used for the production of ultra-thin, ultra-light, highly transparent solar glass, as well as glass substrates for the next generation of electronic flat panel displays and superior optoelectronic smart surfaces and cover glass.
Designed for optimal performance in sensitive environments of high-demanding glass melting technologies for the production of cutting-edge high-performance display glass, substrates of new glass compositions, and solar glass, P-D Refractories products meet all essential industrial standards for the production of TFT-LCD glass, substrate glass for Tablet-PCs and other advanced electronic devices such as OLEDs. With the intention to make a substantial contribution to the cost-effective production of optoelectronic glass using the down-draw overflow, float, or rolled glass process, P-D Refractories combines high-tech refractories and concepts such as: Ɛpsilon Solution, 100Corundum Performance, Fused∞Persistence und Zro2ck Endurance for technical glass with a constant drive for qualified and competent customer care.