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Carbon Black

Carbon Black is today a fundamental part of our existance. In-fact it is impossible to imagine everyday life without it. Every Automobile on our streets contains on average 25 kg of Carbon Black. It gives the tire it’s excellent rolling characteristics, an improved balance between profile, abrasion, and traction and rolling resistance. Carbon Black colours all plastics black. Today, the most common „furnace-black-technology” uses liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon sources for Carbon Black production.

With temperatures over 2,400 °C, very high gas velocities and a sudden cooling down of the process gas mixture by injecting cold water, all put an immense strain on common refractory products.
P-D Refractories has developed unique products specifically for these very difficult and demanding operating conditions. These exclusive products do not only guarantee longer lifetimes, but also offer an opportunity to increase capacity by allowing considerably higher running temperatures.  These are our Zirconium oxide qualities with Zro2ck Endurance™ and Fused∞Persistence™ for the burning chamber area. Our high purity, dense corundum qualities100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™, or insulating corundum bricks guarantees that the availability of the unit will not be at risk in further processing steps.

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