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Carbon Black Reactor

In today’s most common „furnace black processing” methods for carbon black production, the temperatures in combustion chambers of hard black reactors can reach more than 2,400 °C. Not many refractory materials are actually still “fire-proof” at these temperatures. P-D Refractories is able to deliver the excellent quality PD-Z94f+ with Zro2ck Endurance™ and Fused∞Persistence™, which stands this test and proves its worth.

In the adjoining bottleneck, at the end of the combustion chamber, the feedstock - mostly oil derivatives - are injected and sub-stoichiometrically burned. The high abrasion resistance of PD-Z94f+ is suited to withstand the formidable abrasive behavior of the supersonically accelerating process gas mixture.

The process gas mixture is then cooled down (quenched) by injecting water into the reaction chamber. For this procedure the high-purity corundum grade PD-C100f with 100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™ has proved to be a reference.
P-D Refractories is your key contact for these highly demanding reactors.