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Fine ceramic department

Fine ceramic department

As a unique feature of a refractory heavy clay plant, P-D Refractories also operates a large fine-ceramics department. Using extruders and other forming technologies, filtration tubes, honeycomb-ceramics and diverse forms of catalyst supports and filling products are successfully manufactured to the highest of standards. The filtration of liquid media with high-quality ceramic membranes ensures constant process stability and demonstrates an excessive cold crushing strength (CCS). The material characteristics of our PD-C100e filter tubes guarantees longevity and operational safety. Our fine-ceramics division manufactures mono as well as multi-channel membranes with diversified channel cross-sections.

An unprecedented high resistance and an extremely low water absorption are some of the characteristics of our established quality PD-C100e for inert balls and hollow cylinders. Free of any catalyst poisons, this exceptional product is therefore incomparably suitable for use in a wide range of applications, for example as catalyst carriers or covering layers in reactors. In addition, P-D Refractories can offer you excellent basic Mg0 products for example our
accomplished PD-Mg90e. Heat storage in the form of honeycomb ceramics for regenerative thermal processes are used to recover thermal energy. The most important area of application is regenerative afterburning. In this area our two qualities PD-S65e and PD-C92e are well established.