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Sulphur recovery

Products with Sulphur content are mostly separated from sulphur in so-called Claus-Units and elementary sulphur is won this way. In the first step, amongst other elements, hydrogen sulphide is produced, which is then partially fired in Claus-Furnaces to form elementary sulphur. Further catalytic steps follow to achieve pure sulphur. The application conditions in Claus-furnaces require refractory linings that are resistant to chemical attack and high temperatures.

P-D Refractories offers for these applications many years of experience and references in this field guaranteeing a safe system operation. The applicable refractory quality is dependant on the requirements needed and starts from alumina rich up to high pure alumina products like 100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™.  Complex shapes including the ones found in checker walls are made possible together thanks to our manualTM hand ramming capabilities with tight and very strict manufacturing tolerances and modular construction systems.

There are no qualitative restrictions, as the cold crushing strength (CCS) values are at a higher level than those of machine pressed products.