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Claus Furnace

In the thermal stage of the Claus process, the partial combustion of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) with atmospheric oxygen in a Claus furnace produces a certain amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2) at 950 - 1,400 °C. The resulting SO2 which has already partially reacted in the Claus furnace with the existing H2S to elemental sulphur, initially accumulates as S2 because of the high temperatures. The further stages for the production of elemental sulphur take place behind the Claus furnace.

The P-D Refractories quality PD-C90f, a high-grade alumina brick product with Fused∞Persistence™, can be considered for standard wear wall linings. Our quality PD-C100f with 100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™ has proven to be the reference product for all types of checker walls. P-D Refractories have been successfully supplying both these excellent products worldwide for Claus furnace installations for many years.