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Synthesis gas

The production of Methanol,  Ammonia and other basic chemicals is today more important than ever before. Accordingly, methods of gasification, or reforming for the production of synthesis gas from solid, fluid or gaseous products like coal, oil and heavy oil residues, as well as waste products from the chemical industry and domestic gas, are utilized.
Synthesis gases are in general all mixtures of hydrogen content gas mixtures, which are applied in synthesis reactions. Synthesis gases can be mixtures of carbon monoxide and hydrogen or nitrogen and hydrogen - among others.

The application conditions within aggregates themselves make a special selection of the purest and extraordinarily high performing refractory materials necessary. 100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™ and Zro2ck Endurance™ with Fused∞Persistence™ and chromium content qualities, together in combination with the necessary engineering required, achieve the longest possible service life for your units.

P-D Refractories with its many years of experience with complex installations offers unmistakeable innovative solutions for efficiency optimization. High purity corundum bricks, various zirconium oxide qualities or our chrome alumina and chromium oxide qualities combined with our competency in cutting, milling, grinding, drilling and finishing of special shapes, ensure compliance with the tightest tolerances in design and construction.

Our very strict and exacting quality and control standards enable us to meet even the highest specification requirements.