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POX Reactor

High temperatures, corrosive slags, contaminated source materials; reducing atmosphere and high pressure are particular challenges in POX reactors.
During the partial oxidation of solid, fluid, or gaseous educt for the production of synthesis gas, the source materials are partially oxidised in a refractory lined reactor.  After injecting the educt and oxygen, the mixture is partially incinerated, partially oxidised in the reactor under pressures between 40 and 100 bar. The H2/CO ratio of the resulting synthesis gas can be adjusted for further usage.

In case of liquid or gaseous source materials the refractory lining of these units consists of highly purified corundum products: 100Corundum Performance™ with Fused∞Persistence™. With solid source materials, slag resistant qualities, based on chromium oxide or chrome zirconia from our partner Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory Co., Ltd and corundum insulating qualities have been used.

For many years P-D Refractories has supplied complete or partial linings for these units to customers worldwide. Over the years many potential customers have switched to higher quality P-D Refactories products to guarantee a safe and long-life plant availability.

Our hand ramming department: manualTM of P-D Refractories converts the most complex shapes and specifications into the desired form.

Handmade in Europe!