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The chlorinator, a special variant of a fluidized bed furnace, is the core of the chloride process for the production of titanium dioxide. Within, titanium ore and coke are mixed together with 1,000 °C hot chlorine gas. This produces gaseous titanium tetrachloride and CO2. Both products leave the chlorinator and undergo further processing steps. Solid matter turbulence, diffusing chlorine gas and temperatures that can reach up to and above 1,400 °C, as well as high temperature fluctuations within the chlorinator itself are extremely challenging for any refractory lining. Accordingly, the service life of the refractory material is a maximum of 7-12 months, depending on mode of operation. After the refractory material is broken out of the chlorinator, the steel shell is sandblasted and given an acid-resistant coating before a new refractory lining is installed.

PD-F45+ from P-D Refractories, possesses both a high chlorine gas resistance as well as a high thermal shock and abrasion resistance, making the product an excellent refractory wear lining for these very demanding and difficult conditions. It ensures exceptionally stable and safe process operations and thus contributes in achieving a maximum yield from the chlorinator.