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News Archive

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto has the solution: Ɛpsilon SolutionTM


Eleven customers worldwide from different glass manufacturing sectors have already chosen our Ɛpsilon solution. Whether it is in fused mullite, in silica or – as Dr. Frolow is holding in his hands here – in fused silica, it is an informed decision by our customers who want to save energy and reduce emissions.

Mr. Schlacht (on the left on the photo), Dr. Frolow and our international glass sales team will be happy to inform you, if you are interested, about the advantages of this solution and about the industrial experiences of our satisfied customers!
» Flyer Ɛpsilon Solution™ as PDF

Very good for Dr. C. Otto – supplier rating by RHI


P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto was rated by RHI as an A-list supplier.

Download the full rating in German as a PDF.


Review TMS 2017


P-D Refractories GmbH was represented successfully at the International Aluminium Fair 2017- 146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The event was held from 26.2.2017 to 2.3.2017 in San Diego, California, USA.

“Our African market has been extended in the countries Ghana and Cameroon with fireproof P-D supplies for the aluminium industry”, states Erik Richter, our sales manager for aluminium. “P-D products – produced in Europe - are used worldwide in the aluminium industry: from Iceland to South Africa, from Canada to Venezuela, from Europe across the Middle East and Indonesia, as far as Australia”, Mr. Richter reports proudly. “P-D quality knows no borders”, he laughs!

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto - Automation 4.0

Automatisierung 4.0

Our 1600-tonne Laeis press, which has been in use for 15 years, has easily exceeded 4,000,000 press strokes and on 2 March 2017 it reached over 6000 working hours of automatic use as a “KUKA robot/press combo”. Praise goes to our press team under the direction of Hubert Wischnewski and Joachim Fischer.

Very good for Dr. C. Otto – supplier rating by Calderys


P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto was rated by Calderys as an A-list supplier and awarded 95 points as an overall result.

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto – a contribution to integration!

Ein Beitrag zur Integration

Owing to the help and support of the Support Centre for Refugees and the Gisela Vogel Institute for Professional Education, on 23 January 2017 two Syrians were welcomed as trainees at the Dr. C. Otto site in Bochum.

During their three-week internship, full-time for Mr. Jawaad Toraani and part-time for Mr. Mohamad Alahmad, they gained an insight into our company and had the opportunity to get to know everyday working life in a production company.
The training period within the company was intended to extend and deepen their existing skills and knowledge or those acquired at the establishments of the initiative sponsors, through practical applications.
The trainees were accompanied during their internship by employees of the relevant departments and members of the works council, who are available as so-called mentors.

We would like to welcome Mr. Toraani and Mr. Alahmad and wish them a good and successful stay!

» read more

Review ALUMINIUM 2016


ALUMINIUM 2016 was held in Düsseldorf from 29.11. to 2.12.2016, where 992 exhibitors from 58 countries were able to greet 24,748 trade visitors at the largest trade fair for this industry sector in the world.
ALUMINIUM 2016 was also a total success for P-D Refractories. The trade fair stand was well-attended and our new products, including  SiC-panels and Top Blocks, attracted significant interest among our customers.
Please follow the links for further information about the new products.

Review glasstec 2016


Glasstec 2016 was a great success. Once again this year, it impressively cemented its position as a worldwide leading trade fair for the glass industry. From 20.9. to 23.9.2016, 1235 exhibitors from 52 countries welcomed more than 40,200 trade visitors from more than 100 countries to Düsseldorf. After a weak sector economy over the last two years, the glass industry can now look positively to the future.
The P-D Refractories stand enjoyed great attendance and a lively exchange of information. Our new products and technologies, such as our Tin Bath Bottom Concept, the  High Ɛpsilon Crown for glass baths, as well as the new highly corrosion-resistant and extremely durable Zirconia Burner Blocks , were received with great interest by our customers.

For further information about the new products, please follow the links.

» read more

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto is providing training again!

PD bildet aus

1.9.2016 marked the start of an apprenticeship for three young people at the Dr. C. Otto site in Bochum, in association with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG. Mr. Ilias Dafik and Mr. Berky Yanik are learning the trade of industrial mechanic and Mr. Waldemar Hubert is training as an electronics technician. The apprentices will be taught the necessary theoretical and practical skills and knowledge for these trades for three and a half years in the various departments at P-D Refractories GmbH and ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG.

The photo shows the three apprentices with those responsible on induction day at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in Bochum. Top row from left to right: Mr. Wieschermann (instructor at P-D Refractories), Mr. Däbritz (industrial mechanics instructor ThyssenKrupp), Ms. Wilde (Director of Personnel Control P-D Refractories GmbH), Mr. Wäscher (training manager ThyssenKrupp). Bottom row from left to right: Mr. Schwarz (industrial mechanics instructor ThyssenKrupp), Ilias Dafik (industrial mechanics apprentice), Berky Yanik (industrial mechanics apprentice), Waldemar Hubert (electronics apprentice), Mr. Engel (electronics instructor ThyssenKrupp).

We wish the apprentices a good and successful start to their professional lives!

» read more

Senior mayor Thomas Eiskirch visits P-D Refractories GmbH at the Dr. C. Otto site

Thomas Eiskirch besucht PD

On 27.07.2016, the current senior mayor of the city of Bochum, Mr. Thomas Eiskirch, paid his first official visit to P-D Refractories GmbH at the Dr. C. Otto site. He was accompanied by the managing director of the Bochum Economic Development Office, Mr. Ralf Meyer. As an introduction, our managing director, Mr. Christian Wasmuht, gave a presentation of P-D Refractories GmbH and the Dr. C. Otto site. Mr. Eiskirch showed great interest and asked many questions, which Mr. Wasmuht and Mr. Dirk Fehrholz, our works committee chairman, were happy to answer.

Following on from the presentation, there was a tour of the company site and through the various production areas. Mr. Eiskirch was given an insight into the working procedures of our traditional company and was amazed to see how the site in Bochum, now with a new strategic direction, has become a modern and high-tech refractory and manufacturer, owing to significant investment.

The photo shows Mr. Thomas Eiskirch with our carpenters in front of the new CNC machine for wooden moulds.

» read more

Bochum AOK company run - P-D Refractories Dr. C. Otto team

AOK Firmenlauf 2016

At the 8th Bochum AOK company run, which was held as every year at the Kemnader reservoir lake, P-D Refractories Dr. C. Otto was represented by a team of 10. Our team finished respectably at the front of the midfield, among the around 3000 participants from the whole Ruhr area.

Now that we have been infected with the “fun run” bug, we have already decided to participate again next year… then perhaps with an even larger team.

Congratulations and many thanks to the whole team at P-D Refractories Dr. C. Otto!

» read more

Very good for Dr. C. Otto – supplier rating by Heraeus

Lieferantenbewerung von Heraeus

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto was rated as an A-list supplier by Heraeus and awarded an overall result of 100%.

Record – hand-moulded drip rings made in Bochum

PD Refractories News

Hand-moulded drip rings ensure that a correctly dosed bottle of the right size and quality is made out of each drop of glass. This is a very critical product for glass makers, as quality and durability are of exceptional importance.
After relocating the manufacturing of hand-moulded drip rings from the former P-D plant DYKO in Düsseldorf in 2014 to the “Bochum hand-moulding” team at the P-D Dr. C. Otto plant in Bochum Dahlhausen, an annual record was set in Bochum in 2015:

On 14 December 2015, Mr. Helder Pereira Domingues showed the 7000th two-hole drip ring he had manufactured.

Whether single-hole, two or three-hole, our drip rings are guarantee durability. Whether they are made of zirconium mullite or corundum, only hand-moulded and highly densified drip rings guarantee superior heat corrosion resistance. With these products, hand-moulded and made in Germany, we are contributing to the profitability of glass bottle manufacturers.
» read more

New press at Dr. C. Otto, Bochum/Dahlhausen

P-D Refractories News

The refractory clay division of P-D Refractories GmbH at the Dr. C. Otto site in Bochum Dahlhausen has received a new press.
On 7 October 2015 at 15.14, the first stones, anode oven bricks for the aluminium industry, were pressed. Together with a depositing robot and automatic filling via an overhead track, a fully-automated process has now been ensured.

This is a further investment worth millions into the future of the Dr. C. Otto plant.
» read more

Fireproof products handmade in Germany!

P-D Refractories News

Hand moulding at Dr. C. Otto, Bochum/Dahlhausen
Ms. Ottilie Scholz, the acting senior mayor of the city of Bochum, paid a visit on 28 September 2015, together with the managing director of the Bochum Economic Development Office Mr. Ralf Meyer, to the world-famous hand-moulding plant of P-D Refractories GmbH at the Dr. C. Otto site in Bochum Dahlhausen.
The first hand-moulded, fireproof products were made here more than 100 years ago. Today the highest quality and most sophisticated fireproof products are manufactured manually at the Dr. C. Otto hand-moulding plant.

Since the new multifunctional tunnel kiln was put into operation in July 2014, these products can now be fired at increased extremely high temperatures. The plant’s own joinery with modern automatic CNC machines provides complex multi-layered wooden moulds and therefore ensures that any complex form can be manufactured. This has made it possible to manufacture 247 types with more than 35,000 forms from 100 grams to 660 kilos for 491 customers in 64 countries:

Fireproof products of the highest quality handmade in Germany!
» read more

Résumé Glasstec 2014


The leading trade show for the global glass industry took once again place in Düsseldorf from October 21 to October 24, 2014. We consider the outcome of the  Glasstec 2014 show as very positive, despite the overall economic imponderables and political trouble spots with effects on the worldwide glass industry.

The High-Ɛ crown, our new development, with improved radiant heat transfer of the melter arch, is clearly saving resources, being energy and cost efficient with further potential for savings by glass manufacturers. The resonance to our new lining concepts for regenerators and checkers as well as our new alliance with Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractories for isostatically pressed and fust cast products was equally positive.


» read more

New production line magnesia chimney blocks


P-D Refractories and KUMAS enter into a Coorperation  for basic refractory products for the Glassindustrie. Kümas is a well etablished producer of different kind of MgO based products having his own mining in Turkey where they produce a high variety of high grade dead burned and fused MgO. From now on, as a first step, PD will produce in their new high temperature tunnel kiln at Dr. C. Otto in Bochum, Germany selected basic - bricks for the regenerators usage using KUMAS raw Materials.

Inauguration multifunctional tunnel furnace


Themed „Keep the tradition – Build the future“, a new hyper modern multifunctional tunnel furnace has been inaugurated at P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto in Bochum, Germany on the 24th of July 2014. It is a continuous high-fire furnace which is automatically fed with fire-proof moulded products.
Associate of P-D Refractories GmbH, Mr. Jürgen Preiss-Daimler, chances a determined step towards a new future for the Bochum plant with this investment. Accompanied by the Mayor of Bochum, Dr. Ottilie Scholz, the furnace has been named „Beatrix II“ by Mrs. Beatrix Preiss-Daimler (Mr. Preiss-Daimler’s spouse). During the ceremony together with the personnel, the associate und the management, Dr. Scholz emphasized the importance of such an investment for the site in Bochum. For the personnel and for the city of Bochum, Mr. Preiss-Daimler once again proved, that he has strength, belief and volition and that he is strategically ready to go an additional way for the site Dr. C. Otto Bochum.
» read more

Announcement of cooperation with Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory Co., Ltd.


Dear Valued Customer!
Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory Co., Ltd. (Ling Nan) and P-D Refractories GmbH (P-D) have agreed to enter into a long-term strategic alliance and to cooperate in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and further development of special refractory materials, i.e. isostatically pressed product lines such as dense chromic oxide, dense zircon (zirconium-silicate), dense alumina, dense zirconia and chromium containing coarse grades, as well as electro-fused cast refractories based on AZS, alumina, and zirconia, for the global glass industry.
As of March 2014, promotions and responsibilities for technical support and sales are separated into regions, with Ling Nan focusing marketing activities on Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa, whereas, P-D concentrates on Europe, North and Central America and some parts of Middle East.
In affiliation with P-D Refractories Dr. C. Otto branch newly launched high-temperature tunnel kiln production line for basic products such as magnesite chimney blocks, Ling Nan - PD advance to the position of truly full scope refractory supplier for the glass industry.
We look forward to continue and strengthen our business relationship and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and support over the years.
Your Glass Division Team of Ling Nan and P-D
» read more

Neuer Tunnelofen bei Dr. C. Otto


Seit einigen Wochen steht nun fest, dass an dem Standort Bochum ein neuer Tunnelofen gebaut wird. Den Auftakt zu dem Projekt gab Frau Oberbürgermeisterin Dr. Ottilie Scholz am 04.12.2013 im Werk in Bochum-Dahlhausen. Mit einem leichten Hammerschlag läutete Frau Dr. Scholz den Umbau des Silika-Tunnelofens und damit eine neue Zeitrechnung bei Dr. C. Otto ein:
 Der Silika-Tunnelofen war über 4 Jahrzehnte der Garant für die Silika-Massenproduktion, anfänglich für die Koksindustrie und ab den 90er Jahren auch für die Glasindustrie. Nach Fertigstellung soll der erneuerte Ofen eine breite Palette an branchenübergreifenden Hochwertprodukten bedienen und somit den Weg von der Massenproduktion hin zur Spezialmanufaktur für höchste Feuerfest-Ansprüche ebnen.
» read more

Retirement from Board of Directors


After more than 10 years of service for the PD Refractories GmbH and PD Refractories CZ a.s., our CEO Mr. Hans-Bernhard Führ (65) retires from management of our Company with effect from 30.04.2013. We thank Mr. Führ for the long-term and successful cooperation and wish him all the best for his future life.


P-D Refarctories GLASSPEX INDIA 2013

The 3rd International Exhibition for Glass Production, Processing and Products was held in Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai from 20th – 22nd March. Over 180 exhibitors from 22 countries were presenting the latest products and technologies in the production, processing and application of glass.
In cooperation with our indian partner, MASCOT UNIVERSAL PVT LTD, we presented ourselves on an exhibition booth. A lot of technical and constructive exchange with our clients as well as interesting talks concerning prospects and perspectives for coming period were achieved.

» read more

Resumée Glasstec 2012

P-D Refractories | Glasstec 2012

The leading global exhibition for the glass industry – the glasstec 2012 – took place in Düsseldorf from 23rd to 26th October. Although the volatile economical situation also effects the global glass industry, this year’s glasstec set a clear and optimistic sign into future. This positive balance is drawn up by the representatives of the glasstec – and so do we!
The duties arising from the economic slowdown in the glass industry are clear: saving resources by energy and cost efficiency. Exactly this point is taken into account, by our activities and product developments which we presented at the glasstec: Our concept “Low-E Crown” for the lining and insulation of crowns of glass furnaces leads to a reduction in heat loss of at least 25%. In addition to this new concept, also our new solutions in areas of soldier blocks and tank superstructure generated positive response.
For further information please use the link to our exhibition newspaper.

To provide an easy access to our new developments we built a counter that was set on a lying crown, soldier lining and superstructure of a glass melting tank.
This 16 sqm exhibit led to great surprise and much discussion with our visitors.

» read more

140 Years Dr. C. Otto


On 20th September the 140th anniversary of Dr. C. Otto in Bochum Dahlhausen was celebrated. Jürgen Preiss-Daimler took this anniversary as an opportunity to commemorate the “Father of German Coking Industry.”
At the same time we look back on 10 successful years under the aegis of the Preiss-Daimler Group. Under the motto “140 years Dr. C. Otto – 10 years PD – Keep tradition, Vitalize tradition”, these two anniversaries were celebrated at the Railway Museum Bochum with 200 employees. The extraordinary collection of steam locomotives and trains from the days of industrialization offered a unique setting and left many hearts of technology enthusiasts beat faster.
» read more

Communication Workshop in Dolni Morava


From 21st to 23rd June the colleagues of MSLZ held a workshop with the title “Higher performance and efficiency through better communication and cooperation” in the mountain resort Dolni Morava.
A total of 15 employees and managers from the areas of sales, manufacturing and research  discussed topics like corporate objectives, corporate culture and opportunities for improvement of internal inter-departmental cooperation. Besides smaller outings, a visit at the company CeramTec was organized to also discuss topics in field of ceramics.
» read more

Ceramitec 2012

P-D Refractories | Ceramitec 2012

This year, the ceramic industry met again at Ceramitec in Munich. Along with other colleagues from the refractory industry the P-D Refractories Group was represented in Munich with a booth. Besides the obligatory exchange with old friends out of the branche, new contacts and important insights into the ceramic and in particular the oven-construction-market could be achieved – that makes us look optimistic into future.
Ceramitec is the largest international exhibition of machinery, equipment, facilities, processes and raw materials for ceramics and powder metallurgy. It is considered as one of the most important fair for decision makers of the ceramic industry and has therefore always a high proportion of visitors from abroad.
  • Approx. 16,733 visitors from over 100 countries

  • 613 exhibitors from 42 countries

  • Optimism returns to the sector

“With around 16,733 trade visitors from 102 countries CERAMITEC 2012 has recorded a rise in visitor numbers of 14,6 percent. The “Top Ten” countries of origin for those visitors, excluding Germany, are: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Poland, Russian Federation, Turkey, Switzerland and Brazil. The exhibitors were especially pleased with the broad international spread among the CERAMITEC visitors and with their high quality.” (Munich Messe International”)
» read more

IREFCON (India International Refractories Congress)


From 02 to 04 February 2012 the 9th IREFCON (India International Refractories Congress) was held in Calcutta. The Congress and the identically named exposition with national refractory manufacturers and international renowned raw material and machinery suppliers is organized every two years by the Indian Refractory Association IRMA. The event is considered to be the most important refractory event in India.
During 3 days 520 participants from 15 countries could choose from 95 high-level presentations, which were comparable with those presented on the UNITECR held in 2011.

The focus of the congress was on the steel industry. Other subjects were dealing with cement, glass, coke as well as non-ferrous metal industry. In addition, presentations were offered on raw materials, research & development and education issues.

PD Refractories Group was represented by MSLZ representative who reported about the excellent wear behavior of silica bricks installed in coke oven battery after 20 years of service.
» read more