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Tonerdereiche Steine

Sillimanite and Andalusite Bricks

Non contaminated andalusite from natural sources forms the raw material for these bricks. Shaping takes place by hydraulic high pressure presses by vibration casting or slip casting. Andalusite grades with excellent pressure flow behaviour, at particularly high temperatures, and an excellent thermal shock resistance are achieved by especially designed bonds and defined and optimized firing.
Hot-blast stoves (cowper and burner blocks) are preferred areas of application for these low-iron bricks, together with special products with very good thymodynamic and corrosion resistant characteristics for glass melters, and for areas with medium temperature in thermal regenerators, forehearth covers and feeder expendables.

Special bricks with specific chemical bonding have been developed and proven themselves in application areas of high thermal and mechanical stress, such as in hazardous waste incinerators and combustion chambers.