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Lightweight Insulation Bricks

Basic raw materials for insulating and lightweight refractory bricks with an overall porosity of > 45 % are porous materials, such as diatomite, vermiculite, hollow sphere corundum or -ash with different alumina contents, as well as volatile, flammable or foam-forming additives and burning substances.

Modern hydraulic presses enable the manufacture of large scale bottom blocks for the insulation of the bottom of glass melters. Another area of application is heat insulation in thermal industrial plants.

To characterize heat-insulating products the application limit temperature is used at which the material will not show any after-contraction of not more than 2 % within 12 or 24 hours (DIN EN 1094-2 and ASTM C 155). Another distinction can be made according to the used raw materials, such as vermiculite brick, diatomite brick, perlite brick, silica light brick, sillimanite brick or hollow sphere corundum brick. Also possible is the classification according to the application limit temperatures into insulating bricks used in temperatures below 1,000 °C and into refractory lightweight bricks at temperatures above 1,000 °C.