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Dense Silica Bricks

Lime bound silica bricks with a SiO₂ content of ≥ 95 % are manufactured from selected pure, well washed, crushed and carefully mixed quartz raw materials. These materials are obtained mainly from our own quarzite deposits.

The operating equipment and the operating procedures guarantee manufacture of silica bricks with excellent stability, defined mineralogical compositon and high stability under high temperature and pressure stresses. The main areas of use for silica bricks are coke oven plants (oven floor, heating wall, oven roof and the upper regenerator layers), the superstructure of glass melters (and where required also in the upper structure of the regenerator) and  in the high temperature areas of hot blast stoves.

Brick types for particularly high demands in glass melters are manufactured by carefully selected offset components and special manufacturing processes. Low flux silica bricks, low lime bricks and lime free bricks form part of this category.