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Zirconium Silicate Bricks

Zirconium silicate bricks, characterized by a ZrO2+HfO2 content of more than 64 % are isostatically pressed, moulded by hand or uniaxially pressed. Isostatically pressed zirconium bricks are characterized by a homogenous and dense structure (porosity 1-5 vol.%) over the total brick volume. These bricks are mainly used as glass contact material in borosilicate glass melters and as lining or electrode blocks and bushing blocks for the manufacture of textile glass fibre and glass wool.

Porous zirconium bricks (porosity 15 - 22 vol.%) are used as a security layer in melter bottoms and as a contact indifferent separating layer in the superstructure of soda lime glass melters. Special  qualities with a low flow rate under pressure are used for the superstructure of furnaces and arches of borosilicate glass melters and low alkali special glass melters.