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100 Corundum Performance™

100 Corundum Performance™

Outstanding 100% Corundum Performance...
  • Are you challenged with strong reducing atmospheres?
  • Do you need 100% strength at extremely high temperatures?
  • Inert products that keep 100% performing under high pressures?
Then we can give you 100 % performance, for your reformer, reactor and burner!

Our shaped dense and insulating corundum products with 100 Corundum PerformanceTM, sintered at extraordinary high temperature during production and being producible in any complex shape, will prevail!

100 Corundum PerformanceTM is a result of a unique process developed by P-D Refractories that ensures those properties which are necessary to meet your requirements.

Simple to install, reduce production costs and improve your performance, quality and safety

100 Corundum PerformanceTM adds Value to your production process!