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Improves Process Performance...

  • Do you demand a more stable product?
  • High persistence in extreme demanding operations?
  • Allowing you high flexibility with even much better possibilities?
Then our fused∞persistenceTM products will give you durability...
...in your high performing glass tank, regenerator, reformer or reactor!

Our shaped fused∞persistenceTM products are based on high-quality fused refractories raw materials like Zirconia, Corundum, Mullite and Silica and have a binder phase specially designed for the respective application purpose. Compared to conventional materials, fused∞persistenceTM materials exhibit a much higher corrosion resistance during application.
The fused∞persistenceTM is a unique method you can rely on! Developed by P-D Refractories with special fused raw materials and binders that gives you advance persistence during application.

Simple to install, reduce production costs and improve your performance, quality and safety

fused∞persistenceTM  adds persistence improvement to your production process!