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The extraordinary and rare ability to produce dry-pressed bricks in any shape and form is a P-D Refractory specialty. Where machine-pressed formats quickly reach their technical limits, our possibilities have only just begun! Our own mould production with the support of advanced CNC machines forms a basis for accomplishing even the most complex of brick shapes.

Our employees, who have accumulated many years of experience at their workplace, have an insight of when the raw material is properly compacted. A dry-press method offers some advantages over slip-casting and vibration-casting: due to the very low moisture content of the press mixture, a high density and low porosity is achieved. The physical properties (such as Cold Crushing Strength) are far superior than those of machine-pressed products, reaching more than 100MPa with our ultrapure corundum grades with a near 100 % alumina oxide content, warranting 100Corundum Performance™. As well as designing our own moulds, we produce in our modern carpentry workshop countless complex formats and inserts ourselves. A combination of manual and fully automatic CNC-assisted production, mainly wood, but also plastic or metal, provide robust moulds for precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. Hence post-processing is not needed! Any shape complexity can be accomplished with a layer structure. Technical feasibility starts with small shapes of 90g to huge 660kg blocks. We supply hand-rammed manualTM products in 66 countries to 590 customers. Our mould park comprises of 37,608 moulds for 267 qualities. Refractories made in Bochum - prevalent worldwide!

If by rare occasion higher parameters are required, and hand ramming should reach its confines, our state-of-the-art and fully automated CNC machines can step in to mill, grind, cut or drill high-fired bricks, effectively bordering on mechanical engineering tolerances.

Opportunities like those offered by P-D Refractories can only be offered by a minority of companies within the refractory industry.