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ThermStop Concept™

ThermStop Concept™

keeps the heat inside your furnace, where it belongs...

Do you want to

  • save energy?
  • reduce emissions?
  • have better control over your heat?
  • improve lifetime of your refractories?
Then we have the right concept for you...

Our ThermStop ConceptTM products are perfectly designed to lower your energy consumption by keeping a higher percentage of heat where it`s needed, lowering the temperature on the blocks upper layer surface end eliminating cracks for better heat control.


The high durability of our material, removes the need of any steel structure and makes our product fully recyclable. It allows us to increase it’s physical properties to avoid any damage and to prevent cracking.

Simple to install, reduce production costs and improve your performance, quality and safety

ThermStop ConceptTM adds value to your production process!