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Werral 40 FT

Tin-bath Bottom Blocks Werral 40FT and Werral 40F

High-volume Tin-bath bottom blocks are exposed to a sodium-enriched tin melt over a long period of time. The development of a suitable product was carried out in close co-operation with float glass plant operators. These products have been manufactured in our company under the name Verral 40F & Verral 40FT and used successfully world-wide since 1987.


The blocks are customized according to the customer’s specifications in terms of dimensions and geometry at our production plant Wetro in Saxony, Germany. The use of product-specific mixing, pressing, drying, firing and finishing processes together with decades of know-how make it possible to produce cement-free, ceramic-bonded Tin-bath blocks of the highest quality.


Further investments in our drying systems have enabled an increase of production capacity. With the expansion of the finishing process we have improved the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of our blocks even further.

We would like to pay tribute to these quality improvements made by the Wetro plant with a name harmonisation. We have now replaced the V with the „Wetro“ W.


The original Verral, now called Werral is available in Werral 40FT for the hot bays and in Werral 40F for the cold bays and the sidewalls.