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Zro₂ck Endurance™

Zro₂ck Endurance™

Zirconia Burner Block Improves Melting Performance...
  • Do you need long lasting products?
  • Durable in the most demanding applications?
  • Clean products that do not contaminate your process?
Then we have for you endurance for your container, float, fiber or technical glass furnace!

Our sintered Zirconia products with Zro₂ck Endurance™, designed as burner-, support-, gathering-, lintel-, peepholeor even as tuckstone block will convince you!

The Zro₂ck Endurance™ is a unique method you can rely on! Developed by P-D Refractories with special components that strongly suppresses hot erosion and improves gas and abrasion resistance in the extreme exposed areas of the superstructure of your glass melting furnace. Especially predestinated for oxy fuel and/or batch preheating.

Simple to install, reduce production costs and improve glass quality

Zro₂ck Endurance™ adds Value to your Glass making process!